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Sun, 08/31/1997

CARSON CA, September 1997 - Document Systems, Inc., a Carson, California based provider of closing mortgage document preparation software for the mortgage industry, announced the release of its new Doc*Magic, Version 5.0 line. The NEW Doc *Magic 5.0 line, consisting of DocMagic Apprentice and Doc*Magic can run under Windows version 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Since its introduction, Doc*Magic's success has been phenomenal. Powerful, flexible and easy to use, DocMagic was designed for the mortgage industry professional... not the computer whiz. DocMagic is noted for its simple On-Screen HELP System and fill-in-the-form interface that make creating error-free documents a snap. This industry standard document production software now provides even more control and productivity.

"Having achieved market leadership with Doc*Magic Version 4.0, we wanted this new line to transform the mortgage industry's perception of what document production software could actually do. And just as important, Doc*Magic had to maintain the ease of use for which it is so well known. The New DocMagic 5.0 line continues forward, providing more solutions and out-of-the-box customizations tailored to our client's unique needs. Our Quick-Start Enrollment and 50 state - instant loan document production capabilities mean our new clients can be ready for their first set of documents in minutes.", said Don Iannitti, President.

Here's a look at some of the other top new features --

AUTOMATIC PROGRAM UPDATE SYSTEM -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. DocMagic provides updates and upgrades constantly, automatically and absolutely free to its customers. This update system is so automatic, the client knows about it only because of an on-screen update notification.

AUTOMATIC LOAN PROGRAM REQUEST SYSTEM -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. User may request a particular investor or generic loan program and the automatic update will occur in seconds. No other loan document software offers this kind of program request turnaround speed. What takes others in the industry hours (and in many cases days) to accomplish, DocMagic can complete in mere seconds.

COMMAGIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEM -- DSI's NEW exclusive Window's 95 Communications System takes full advantage of Windows 95 32-bit multitasking capability, allowing greater efficiency and speed... At least 20 times faster than the previous industry standard.

DOCMAIL'S NEW CYBER-DELIVERY FEATURE -- DocMail, DocMagic's electronic mail system, allows quick and convenient communication between the client and DSI for program and form changes or any other reason. NOW DSI is proud to announce a feature you can't even get from Fed Ex... DocMail will now transport completed document packages to any email address, anywhere... FREE.

BARCODE DOCUMENT RECOGNITION -- The ultimate guarantee! Barcode technology allows instant verification of forms and proper order, significantly enhancing workflow efficiency and when combined with DocMagic's Goof-Proof Audit System further guarantees order accuracy.

DOCVIEW -- Allows user to view documents on-screen BEFORE printing. Users can now simply click on the document and VOILA! There it is. No hassle and no wasted paper.

NEW AUDITS ADDED TO GOOF-PROOF AUDIT SYSTEM -- The industry acclaimed Goof-Proof Audit System analyses worksheet information and provides a list of warnings and errors. One by one DocMagic whisks you to each trouble spot and allows correction of each error. Customization of these audits is a snap and new features include over 500 new audits to areas previously susceptible to input error.

WORKSHEET ENTRY ENHANCEMENTS -- Over 100 new Worksheet enhancements to improve functionality and further eliminate input error. From new entry fields and automatic field/section skips to reduce data entry time, to new pop-up lists and date fields that are ready for the year 2000... DocMagic expertly keeps you on track to improved productivity.

COMPLIANCE -- Auto Impound Account Analysis and Section 32 High Fee Analysis assure compliance with RESPA regulations and Truth-In-Lending.

ADDED BEHIND THE SCENES ENHANCEMENTS THAT WILL APPEAL TO THE INDUSTRY ARE: Numerous system pop-up menus and on-line Helps, new user messages, strengthened network file-locking and many unseen utilities that continue to further DSI's commitment to product excellence.

EXPANDED CUSTOMER SUPPORT -- The powerful combination of these new Version 5.0 features, plus the recent expansion of customer support facilities and effort (double the technical, billing and sales support) has further impacted the speed and quality of customer response time. Always DSI's strongest asset, its customer service is far and away the best in the industry.

About Document Systems, Inc.
With more than 10,000 clients throughout the United States, Document Systems, Inc. is the leading developer of loan document production software for the mortgage industry. The company develops and markets software products and services that enable both large and small mortgage brokers and investors to control the in-house production of loan document packages with software that is easy to learn and easy to use. DSI also provides traditional document preparation services from its headquarters office.

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