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Mon, 06/30/2003

Partnership to Provide New Technological Innovations for Forms and Data Mapping

CARSON, Calif. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - July 22, 2003 - Document Systems, Inc. (DSI), a developer of software, tools and Web-based systems for the production of compliant loan document packages and Jacksonville, Fla.-based MortgageFlex® Systems, Inc., a leading provider of mortgage automation software, today announced an alliance to strengthen forms and data mapping for mortgage lending clients.

The partnership enables MortgageFlex clients using the LoanQuest® product suite that automates all functions inherent to the loan origination process to submit loan-specific data directly to DSI's DocMagic® Online module, a browser-based system for producing and distributing closing loan documents. The partnership brings together flexible document printing capabilities, a library of industry standard documents, the ability to create customized documents and the capability to transfer documents electronically via email or web posting.

"Our relationship with Document Systems, Inc. allows us to further broaden the reach of our LoanQuest suite, the industry's only end-to-end mortgage lending solution, in the market," Lester Dominick, president of MortgageFlex, said. "We believe integrating DocMagic Online and LoanQuest strengthens the forms and data mapping process within LoanQuest and provides an important value-add to our partners and customers."

MortgageFlex transfers data to DocMagic using extensible markup language (XML), meeting the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) standards for paperless mortgages.

"The partnership between MortgageFlex and DSI brings together leaders in the mortgage technology industry to give customers proven solutions that they can depend on," said Don Iannitti, president and CEO of Document Systems, Inc.

"Integrating DocMagic Online and LoanQuest gives MortgageFlex users the ability to choose from our existing library of forms or have custom forms created, as well as benefit from having the forms packaged and electronically completed. This eliminates the existing burden of developing and managing their own forms."

About MortgageFlex Systems, Inc.
MortgageFlex Systems, Inc. (MFX) is a provider of state-of-the-art software and systems solutions within the lending industry. Founded in 1980 to bring innovation to mortgage automation, MortgageFlex offers an advanced suite of Windows®-based and Web-based products for mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, thrifts and other lending institutions.

For additional information about MortgageFlex Systems, Inc., please visit the company's Web site at

About Document Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Carson, Calif., Document Systems, Inc., is a mortgage technology company that develops software, processes and web-based systems for the production of compliant loan document packages. Along with its loan document production system, DocMagic®, DSI provides legal expertise regarding the completion of all applicable forms, and both guarantees and warrants that all agency forms are up-to-date and in compliance with GSE requirements. DSI's staff includes a team of compliance experts that constantly monitor legal and regulatory changes at federal and state levels to ensure accuracy. DSI is the first company in the mortgage industry to develop a fully integrated mortgage customer contact management system, LoanMagic™, that is specifically designed to meet the needs of loan officers to help streamline the tasks involved with acquiring leads, managing contacts and gathering all personal and credit information necessary to secure