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Sun, 02/29/2004

Integration of DocMagic's eForm engine, FillMagic, and LendWare enables large financial institutions to seamlessly develop and print mortgage documents

PHOENIX, March 15, 2004 - Framework, Inc., a national provider of enterprise software for financial institutions and Document Systems, Inc. (DSI), a developer of software, tools and Web-based systems for the production of compliant loan document packages, announced today at the 2004 Mortgage Bankers Association's National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference and Expo the integration of the LendWare credit fulfillment platform, and DocMagic's eForm engine, FillMagicä. The seamless XML integration of Framework's LendWare Document Manager and DSI's document processing engine, FillMagic, enables large financial institutions to seamlessly develop and print mortgage documents. The interface is currently in place at two of the top ten banks in the nation.

"LendWare users depend on Framework to provide the highest quality and accurate document creation and management technology in the industry," said Dorothy Beattie, senior vice president of Product Strategy for Framework. "The integration of LendWare and FillMagic provides lenders accuracy, flexibility, scalability, systematic application and compliance in a single software solution."

The FillMagic form-fill engine, which is Java-based, can run independently or via a Web server and can be scaled to accommodate virtually any volume. Using the latest technology, FillMagic enables lenders to electronically complete mortgage forms by using an XML request file to transfer data to and from the client's loan origination system (LOS). Enterprise clients benefit from FillMagic because of its added security, instantaneous processing response times, unlimited scalability, flexibility and distributed processing. Unlike other document preparation services, which are application service provider (ASP) based, FillMagic can be hosted by the lender's server(s) on-site using their own hardware.

"Partnering with leading enterprise software providers such as Framework enables our clients to benefit from both development teams working together toward the common goal of increased document production," said Don Iannitti, president and CEO of Document Systems, Inc. "To most effectively process mortgage loan documents, lenders require technology partners that operate on the cutting edge of technology, are well respected in the marketplace and that can provide a long-term relationship that they can be comfortable with. Document Systems and Framework are two such companies."

LendWare is a comprehensive Web services-based credit fulfillment platform that automates the decisioning and delivery of innovative and tailored financial solutions across all distribution channels. LendWare provides secure real-time access to all data and services. Using Web browsers and XML-based integrations, LendWare can be accessed by consumers, employees, brokers, agents, affiliates and systems. XML/XSLT capabilities allow new interfaces to be easily built and modified.

About Document Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Carson, Calif., Document Systems, Inc., is a mortgage technology company that develops software, processes and web-based systems for the production of compliant loan document packages. Along with its loan document production system, DocMagic®, DSI provides legal expertise regarding the completion of all applicable forms, and both guarantees and warrants that all agency forms are up-to-date and in compliance with GSE requirements. DSI's staff includes a team of compliance experts that constantly monitor legal and regulatory changes at federal and state levels to ensure accuracy. DSI is the first company in the mortgage industry to develop a fully integrated mortgage customer contact management system, LoanMagic™, that is specifically designed to meet the needs of loan officers to help streamline the tasks involved with acquiring leads, managing contacts and gathering all personal and credit information necessary to secure a loan. For more information on DSI, visit the company's Web site at

About LendWare
LendWare is an end-to-end credit fulfillment system for the mortgage industry. Powered by Framework's Web Services Platform, LendWare allows financial institutions to electronically configure mortgage products and related fulfillment activities. LendWare can be used to eliminate paper and unnecessary manual activities through automation and the efficient electronic management of rules and data.

About Framework, Inc.
Framework, Inc. provides top financial institutions with a comprehensive platform of Web services, enabling automated transaction fulfillment in the delivery of new and innovative credit products. Framework's Web services are available together or independently, and are fully open and Web-based xHTML/XML systems. Framework Web Services allow financial institutions to establish collaborative, streamlined, customer-centric processes. For more information, visit