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Wed, 06/30/2004

LoanMagic, the first comprehensive customer contact management system integrates with National Do Not Call Registry

CARSON, Calif. - July 29, 2004 - Document Systems, Inc., (DSI), a mortgage technology company that develops tools and processes for producing and completing compliant loan document packages, announced unique enhancements to LoanMagicä, implementing functionality that links the contact database to the National Do Not Call Registry, potentially saving loan officers thousands of dollars in fines.

According to DSI officials, LoanMagic provides loan officers with a tool to help them before, during and after the sale of a loan. It enables them to manage leads and client information, compare loans, create loan documents, schedule meetings, store financial information and transfer reports to clients and contacts. Adding this functionality to the product can prevent loan officers from receiving up to $11,000 in fines for calling a member of the National Do Not Call Registry.

"LoanMagic is consistently being enhanced - and the product is already unequaled in the industry," said Catherine Coy, sales associate with Harborside Financial Network. "In continuing to add functionality such as the Do Not Call Registry, DSI is demonstrating its pledge to create products with the loan officer in mind. The firm is completely dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers, and as requirements get more and more stringent, there is no greater piece of mind than working with DSI."

By implementing this functionality, when a loan officer uses LoanMagic, the program will inform the user if a particular lead or existing client is a member of the National Do Not Call Registry. If the user files a complaint, it is entered into Consumer Sentinel, an online database available to hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide. Complaints are used to help investigate a company and can ultimately lead to law enforcement action.

"There is no greater focus for DSI than our customers," said Don Iannitti, president and CEO of Document Systems, Inc. "Our customers are the impetus behind every technology we develop, whether it be the creation of a new report, or the enhanced functionality of our products, our goal and commitment to our customers never wavers, allowing us to offer the most comprehensive product on the market today."

When a loan officer enters a contact or lead, the name is cross-referenced with the National Do Not Call Registry. Once an existing client or lead is identified in the LoanMagic database, it appears in a different color to alert the user that person is a member of the registry.

"DSI is a truly committed to having a better product on the market," said Catherine Coy. "The company is in constant communication with its customers, always soliciting feedback to understand what we need. There is no better method for creating and enhancing products than to develop them based on what customers need. DSI excels at doing just that."