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Wed, 02/28/2007

Selling Smarter attendees are the first to see version 4.0 Customers-For-Life technology.

  • DSI leverages its acquisition of Selling Smarter to serve more brokers
  • David Bartels' Selling Smarter system is built into the software
  • Bartels now teaches both technique and technology for Customers for Life!

CARSON, CALIF., March 1, 2007 - Document Systems, Inc. (DSI), a leading developer of mortgage technology for compliant loan document preparation and customer contact management, has released version 4.0 of its popular LoanMagic® software, which is now being offered to attendees of Selling Smarter’s' High Performance Strategies for Loan Officers and Their Managers and Selling Smarter for Mortgage Originator seminar series. Loan officers are now being trained in both technique and technology needed to create Customers for Life. Attendees who purchase seminar registrations are also getting LoanMagic as an added value.

Bartels, who joined DSI earlier this year as Director of Educational Services, says that having the technology to enable brokers to do what they must do to create long-lasting customer relationships is the key to success.

“DocMagic and LoanMagic are two of the greatest products in the mortgage space,” said Bartels. “I’m excited about the opportunity to show loan officers how to sell smarter with LoanMagic. There is not a better value loan officers can get right now. Our approach is targeted at improving lead conversion. With LoanMagic, we now have the back-end technology to handle the lead management and customer relationship management tasks that result in more effective lead generation and lead conversion. It’s a great combination.”

Bartels developed a mortgage selling strategy built around an optimized prospective borrower interview. His techniques have been used by thousands of brokers to increase their loan production. Now those techniques have been integrated into LoanMagic 4.0.

In addition, the new version brings a number of other new features to loan officers, including a powerful drag-and-drop, side-by-side loan comparator that will change the way loans are presented to borrowers without forcing brokers to go too far down the processing path before they can present meaningful information. A built-in tutorial system provides step-by-step training on LoanMagic’s many features and reporting capabilities.

“DSI has built a reputation on creating software that is so easy to use that it works almost like magic,” said Don Iannitti, founder and CEO of Document Systems, Inc. “But creating loyalty in the mortgage lending business is no easy task for any originator. We wanted to combine our software with the proven training leadership of someone like David to create something truly revolutionary for the industry. Now, for the first time, loan originations can get both the skills they need and the tools they need in one place.”

DSI developed LoanMagic in 2000. It is the first fully integrated mortgage customer contact management system specifically designed to meet the needs of loan officers. It streamlines the tasks involved with acquiring leads, managing contacts, creating point of sale comparisons and the gathering all personal and credit information necessary to secure a loan.

The built-in loan program analysis tools allow loan officers to instantly create and email side-by-side comparisons of any of the 10,000 loan programs already built into the system. Connections embedded within LoanMagic allow easy access interface with Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter, Freddie Mac's Loan Prospector, over 190 of the nation’s top credit report suppliers and much more. One click gives the loan officer immediate access to DocMagic’s fully compliant pre-disclosure documents and loan closing packages.

About Selling Smarter LLC
Based in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Selling Smarter LLC helps mortgage originators implement and sustain an information-based, technology assisted selling process that multiplies the percentage of leads that are converted into loan apps, loans closed and commission income. The company delivers its services through a combination of public seminars, schools, private team workshops, customized consulting services, technology implementation and self-study programs. To find out more, visit the company on the Web at

About Document Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Carson, Calif., Document Systems, Inc., is a mortgage technology company that develops software, processes and Web-based systems for the production of compliant loan document packages. Along with it’s loan document production system, DocMagic®, DSI provides legal expertise regarding the completion of all applicable forms, and both guarantees and warrants that all agency forms are up-to-date and in compliance with GSE requirements. DSI’s staff includes a team of compliance experts that constantly monitor legal and regulatory changes at federal and state levels to ensure accuracy. DSI is the first company in the mortgage industry to develop a fully integrated mortgage customer contact management system, LoanMagicä, that is specifically designed to help loan officers streamline the tasks involved with acquiring leads, managing contacts and gathering all personal and credit information necessary to secure a loan. For more information on DSI, visit the company’s Web site at