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Fri, 02/29/2008

LoanMagic now includes the Home Asset Planning Interview as an integrated module

CARSON, CALIF., March 10, 2008 - LoanMagic®, the only completely accurate loan marketing and presentation software that lets originators easily prove their worth and create Customers for Life, now includes the new Home Asset Planning Interview (HAPI) created by the Home Asset Advisor Academy (HAAA) as an integrated module. The new functionality is the result of a partnership between Document Systems Inc. (DSI), developer of LoanMagic, and HAAA, an organization that trains mortgage and other financial services professionals to become Home Asset Advisors.

LoanMagic streamlines the tasks involved with acquiring leads, managing contacts, creating point of sale comparisons and gathering all the personal and credit information necessary to secure a loan. With the addition of HAPI, mortgage originators will now be empowered to take their discussions with borrowers to a higher level, helping them fully leverage their most valuable asset at the same time they help homeowners fully understand the risks involved in complicated financial instruments and complex loans.

"HAPI takes mortgage originators beyond the product recommendation level and makes them much more than mere order takers in the eyes of the borrower," said David Coster, founder of Home Asset Advisor Academy. "By integrating this interview into LoanMagic, brokers and loan officers can work through the process of helping borrowers define their position on risk and then meet their real financial needs."

According to Coster, loan officers that use LoanMagic and HAPI gain two powerful advantages over their competition. The first is that these tools will allow originators to approach their existing database of customers in a manner they have never been able to before.

"One of the problems in marketing to an existing database is that you have to add value with every conversation. Customers don't appreciate a loan officer making content just to sell them something," Coster said. "With HAPI and the planning approach to mortgage origination, the originator is able to initiate a process through which the loan officer will be in contact with past customers on a recurring basis, each time about a subject of real value to the borrower."

Coster says the second major benefit is the ease with which originators can approach nontraditional referral sources for additional mortgage business. The days of depending upon real estate agents for leads are over, he said. "LoanMagic with HAPI allows the mortgage professional to effectively contact and integrate with insurance, securities, accountants, and other trusted financial advisors for the benefit of their clients."

Coster has already joined with DSI's director of educational services, David Bartels, to offer a series of information webinars on the new functionality that were very well received. Over 1,000 participants listened in and learned about applying HAPI in their loan origination efforts. Sample HAPI interview information has been downloaded by over 300 brokers, Coster said.

"The addition of HAPI to LoanMagic makes this software even more powerful," said Bartels. "Combined with my Selling Smarter strategies, which are already integrated into LoanMagic, this is the tool of choice for the nation's most successful mortgage loan originators."

About Home Asset Advisor Academy
The Home Asset Advisor Academy empowers financial services professionals to "know their clients" and to connect their home asset to their financial plan. The Academy trains mortgage and other financial services professionals to become Home Asset Advisors. The Home Asset Advisor's role is to identify unmet client financial needs and their client's position on risk, and then to assist the client in determination and implementation of financial strategies that appropriately utilize the home asset. For more information visit