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Wed, 02/29/2012

Blueberry Systems LLC has integrated its Relay loan origination software (LOS) with DocMagic, a provider of document production and compliance technologies. The integration adds complete document and disclosure compliance within Relay’s workflow, keeping all the loan data in one system and eliminating redundant data entry. Relay seamlessly integrates DocMagic’s document compliance rules into a single data stream, providing lenders immediate access to disclosures and documents using data previously entered into the LOS.

DocMagic is designed to keep lenders in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. The provider’s sophisticated technology delivers a unique combination of speed, ease and accuracy to save lenders time and money and keep them ahead of competition. Blueberry Systems’ Relay offers a complete LOS to lenders, featuring a universal data model, providing the most accurate loan production data in the industry. Contrasted with many other systems that still employ an outdated data management model, the universal data model combines the various systems and applications involved in the production process into a single database, eliminating data silos and the need for duplicate or staggered data entry.

“Integrating our solution with DocMagic eliminates the time wasted to re-enter data and the subsequent data entry errors that inevitably occur," said Lloyd Booth, president and COO of Blueberry Systems. "It streamlines the entire application-to-closing process and immediately increases compliance. The integration gives our clients more options within our best-in-class system to ensure that disclosures and documents are accurate and meet all regulatory guidelines."

As Published by National Mortgage Mortgage Professional Magazine, March 2012.