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Thu, 02/28/2013

Press Release

Mission critical service provider sets nearly impossible standard for service and achieves it

DocMagic, Inc., the leading provider of fully-compliant loan document preparation, compliance and eDelivery solutions for the mortgage industry, announced today that the company has maintained a perfect 100% uptime record for the past 120 days. DocMagic provides system status information on its website in real time. Over the past 12 months, DocMagic has maintained an unparalleled 99.989% uptime record. That period of time includes the company’s move to their new location and switch-over to the new state-of- the-art technology center resulting in the new 100% uptime record.

"Some service providers and IT executives will say that 100% uptime is an impossible standard," said Dominic Iannitti, CEO of DocMagic. "I can assure you that it is possible and meeting this standard involves investment in infrastructure, superior staff training, constant monitoring and an unwavering commitment to the task."

When it comes to measuring online service reliability, the terms uptime and availability are often used interchangeably. However, they are not always the same thing. Often providers that measure uptime only check to see if a server is responding to pings on the network. In some cases, a server may be "up" but unable to perform the service for which it was designed.

At DocMagic, uptime means that all company services are functional and available to its customers not just that the servers are turned on. To test this, DocMagic developed a proprietary system that sends complete transaction requests of all types through the system continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As these requests flow through the system, company technicians monitor over 1000 data points that impact service delivery and quality. Any potential problems are identified and addressed before they can escalate and pose a risk to the entire system.

Measuring uptime with any method that does not include the actual delivery of the company's service, results in a meaningless metric that will not contribute to the company’s high service availability standards. Customers should require service providers to provide uptime information. DocMagic publishes its status, including uptime, processing statistics and bandwidth, in real time on its website at:

Uptime is commonly measured as a percentage, to as many decimal points of precision as possible. The higher the precision, the more digits after the decimal point. IT managers strive to get 100% uptime, but usually settle for as many “nines” as they can get. For example, 90% uptime is considered to be one "nine," 99% is considered two "nines," 99.9% is considered three "nines," and so on. Even though it may seem insignificant to add just one more digit of precision, it is actually quite significant as adding a single nine represents a huge jump in uptime and availability. For example, the difference between 99% and 99.9% is 78.84 hours of additional uptime over the course of a year. At DocMagic we measure uptime using five "nines" as our precision standard. Achieving 99.999% uptime translates to approximately 5 minutes of downtime over an entire year. Our goal is to deliver 100% uptime, all of the time.

If you’re curious about your service provider's uptime, simply use the following calculation:

Uptime % = ((Minutes per year - Minutes of downtime per year) / Minutes per year) times 100

"Reliability is one of the most important qualities in a service provider," Iannitti said. "DocMagic is fully transparent when it comes to service delivery uptime. Achieving 100% uptime is a major accomplishment for which our entire organization is very proud. It means we are absolutely the best at what we do and we prove it to our clients every day."

About DocMagic
DocMagic, Inc. is a leading provider of fully-compliant loan document preparation, compliance and eDelivery solutions for the mortgage industry. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Torrance, Calif., DocMagic, Inc. develops software, processes and web-based systems for the production and delivery of compliant loan document packages. DocMagic guarantees and warrants that all agency forms are up to date and in compliance with GSE requirements. The company's compliance experts and in-house legal staff constantly monitor legal and regulatory changes at both the federal and state levels to ensure accuracy. For more information on DocMagic, visit