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Tue, 04/30/2013

DocMagic Inc. announced that its Dodd-Frank Implementation Roadmap Webinar attracted a capacity crowd, with more than 2,000 people requesting a spot at the virtual table, making it the most popular online event the company has presented this year. The program, which aired May 15, was the first in a series that the company is offering to the industry and was designed to help those who may be subject to the final Dodd-Frank Rules jumpstart implementation of the Rules. Other webinars in the series include the Ability-to-Pay/Qualified Mortgage, Loan Officer Compensation and HOEPA.

“The Compliance Edge in-house compliance team is proud to sponsor this Dodd-Frank webinar series. The high turnout for our Kick-Off webinar demonstrated that compliance with the Dodd-Frank Rules is at the forefront of everyone’s mind,” said Melanie Feliciano, DocMagic’s chief legal officer and co-host for the event. “In fact, based on polling taken during the webinar, it is clear that many in our industry, at this point in time, do not feel sufficiently prepared to comply with the Dodd-Frank Rules. Industry participants are navigating a very complex compliance landscape right now, and they need tips and guides as well as dependable tools and resources they can use to mitigate noncompliance risks with the Dodd-Frank Rules.”

“As a business partner to lenders, brokers, and other industry participants, DocMagic has a unique opportunity to see organizations in action, implementing compliance strategies that really work,” said Laurie Spira, DocMagic’s chief compliance officer and co-host of the event. “Our Webinar series gives us a chance to showcase best practices and share them with the mortgage lending community. ”

Feliciano and Spira were joined on the program by Steve Rattray, from Wells Fargo, and Sue Baker from D+H Mortgagebot. This variety of perspectives provided attendees with a comprehensive 360-degree approach to understanding and implementing the latest Dodd-Frank Rules.