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Sun, 03/31/2013

It's hard to believe that DocMagic and Calyx Software have been collaborating for the success of Point users for over 10 years now. After more than a decade, this partnership has matured into a seamless success system for DocMagic customers who use Calyx Point. Now, with compliance concerns topping the list of loan originator worries, DocMagic's extensive collection of document packages and compliance tools allow loan officers to put the right data into the right set of documents at the right time, every time.

"The new rules are complicated and it's no longer just about getting the data onto the right set of documents," said Dominic Iannitti, CEO of DocMagic. "Today, the data has to be right and lenders are expected to verify that it is correct all the way from application to closing. This goes well beyond the scope of the loan officer's job, but it's easy with DocMagic and the LO never needs to leave Point to get it done."

DocMagic has always been dedicated to providing the industry with the tools and technology required to survive in today's complex business environment. That's why the company has invested so much in its compliance department. For lenders, regulatory changes can be expensive and time consuming, but Point makes it easy to let DocMagic handle regulatory compliance right, reducing risk, lowering your costs and setting you apart from your competitors.

If Point users start using DocMagic for loan documents from the very beginning of the process, the company can perform audits throughout the entire loan process. Only by monitoring compliance at every step of the loan origination process can you be assured there will not be problems down the road. In a fraction of a second, DocMagic's audit engine performs thousands of compliance, regulatory and investor guideline checks while providing analytics to you every step of the way.

DocMagic offers a number of fully compliant loan document sets, including application, upfront disclosures, re-disclosures and closing packages. DocMagic's industry-leading compliance is built into every document package the company offers, taking the risks out of complying with both regulator and investor requirements - and we do it in about 3 seconds!

The best thing about choosing DocMagic is that loan officers get the data audit, compliance checks and the right documents without ever having to leave Point.

DocMagic is proud to be an integration partner with Calyx Software and is looking forward to another great decade of working together to serve the nation's best loan originators.

As featured by Calyx Newsletter, April 2013