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Fri, 01/31/2014

Every once in a while, an organization comes along, an organization that sets trends, remains ahead of the curve and sets a bar by which all others strive to attain. This month, we take a look at a sampling of these organizations, organizations that we have deemed “Visionary” for their inspiration to always strive to improve and go above and beyond to assist their clients, but ones that have successfully navigated an ever-changing mortgage industry marketplace. We present to you the following movers and shakers in the industry and the leaders behind them.

DocMagic Inc.
Don Ianitti 

President and CEO
What was the original vision of the company?
When DocMagic was founded, 25 years ago, mortgage lenders lived in a paper-based world. They needed a highly reliable service provider to get document packages to the closing table on time. We started our company to provide that, developing same-day turnaround, remote electronic document delivery and data auditing technology as necessary along the way. Our original vision was to create a service that would allow lenders to push a single button and get a fully compliant set of documents delivered. We accomplished that. Over time, our vision expanded as the needs of our customers changed, resulting in the DocMagic of today.

What are you doing today to make a difference in the industry or in your local marketplace?
DocMagic is known today for compliance, reliability, speed of delivery and a steadfast commitment to paperless lending. We have made the necessary investments in infrastructure and human resources as well as in a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility to ensure that our ability to deliver on these priorities is unmatched in the industry. We now provide every document the lender needs. We are the only company to provide eSign FREE and the only company to achieve 100 percent uptime. Our compliance department is the best in the industry, our technology provides thousands of compliance, data integrity and custom checks throughout the loan origination process and we are integrated with every leading LOS.

Where do you see your company in five years?
Lenders doing business five years from now will not use paper in any part of their businesses. To them, the data and the documents will have merged into one easily manageable, totally secure online and mobile environment that allows them to share whatever information they need to with their borrowers precisely when they need to and track everything that happens along the way. DocMagic will continue to lead the industry, providing not only the data and document management that future lenders require, but also meticulous compliance and error-checking capabilities from the moment of application, through closing all the way to the secondary market and beyond.

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