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Products and Services

For well over a decade, Document Systems Inc., has remained #1 by providing problem solving closing document products and services to the national mortgage industry. Our flagship software product, DocMagic, consistently meets the needs of a dynamic and demanding national clientele. At DSI, we take pride in our ability to answer "yes" to every customer request.

DocMagic Online 
Access all of the power and features of DocMagic, right here online, NOW! Nothing to download. We will show you how, step by step. Your quick and easy, error free loan documents will be ready for delivery, anywhere, instantly.

Get ready for blazing speed! NO MORE DATA ENTRY! DocMagicXL establishes a link with your LOS, thereby providing seamless access to your loan files. Accelerate your document production to a whole new level. With DocMagicXL, all of the features that DocMagic is known for are yours to access instantly.

DocMagic Direct 
Access the power of DocMagic seamlessly within your Origination Platform. Featuring unlimited enterprise scalability and secure communication, DocMagic Direct Web Services offers all of the features and functionality of DocMagic Online including the Goof-Proof Audit System, Predatory Lending/Section 32, and Escrow Aggregate Accounting Analysis. 

DocMagic eSign
The fastest easiest and most secure way to get documents signed. DocMagic's revolutionary eSign system allows you to click-to-sign any document, generic agreement or just about anything... electronically. The process is completely secure, amazingly simple, incredibly fast and best of's FREE!

Total eClose™ 
A complete system of tightly integrated components developed to create a truly seamless, 100 percent paperless and compliant, end-to-end eMortgage. One vendor gives lenders the ability to generate eSignature and notary tags dynamically along with a MISMO category one SMARTDoc® eNote within a closing package and then immediately eDeliver and eRegister the loan with MERS via our eVault.

A collaborative portal for shared data and documents. Lenders, settlement service providers and others work in sync inside a secure environment to view, share, update and exchange data prior to closing.

Everything you need to manage the loan process in one convenient place. Track loan status, provide time-sensitive documentation, review and ClickSign™ disclosures, schedule services and stay in touch with your lender... all with the touch of a finger!

Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD)
Our goal is to make it easy for you to implement successful Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) submissions to the GSEs. Well in advance of requirements, our GSE-Certified solution is ready NOW - and satisfies every phase of the complete UCD mandate! 

Automated 4506-T Service
DocMagic’s 4506-T Service provides a quick, complete, and entirely automated service for income verification - submitting borrowers’ eSigned forms to the Ives vender of their choice for immediate processing by the IRS. Accelerate your workflow so that critical data, typically entered manually on the IRS website, is handled instantly in one streamlined solution! 


Powerful. Easy to learn. Easy to use. Find out how LoanMagic turns leads into clients-for- life by allowing you to provide a level of customer service unequaled in the industry. All-inclusive and totally accurate, LoanMagic works before during and after the sale, providing the valuable information your clients need to make informed financial decisions.

Tired of errors, wasted paper and wasted time? Transport a complete set of documents to any email address anywhere... FREE. This easy to use, self-contained utility also allows users to view, annotate and print emailed or downloaded documents.

HELOC Documents
Our plans offer the most popular HELOC adjustable rate terms and are available at no additional charge. It’s easy to find the right plan for your borrower!

Flood Determinations
A simple click of a button... DocMagic instantly whisks your flood zone request to our researchers and a flood hazard determination magically appears.

OpenPCL Viewer
The industry's first free electronic document viewer capable of representing documents saved in Printer Control Language (PCL). PCL is widely used in the industry as it is the native language used to communicate with computer printers, which makes it the most accurate representation of what the final document will look like on the printed page.

DSI In-house Processing and Fulfillment
Our highly qualified staff of mortgage industry professionals have earned our clients' trust by "coming through" for them every time. We provide a complete line of document processing and delivery services. You can also expect speed, reliability and a continuing commitment to innovation.