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Below is a chronological list of patches and enhancements to the DocMaster software.

Current release version: (09/06/2016 11:00AM PST)

Version Description of Patches/Enhancements Date
  • corrected url for forgotten passward
  • added content type for uploading attachments and limited files to PDF, Zip and Text
  • scaled PDF template printing to 95%
  • added support for package types (R: ComplianceReview, M: MERS, H:RateLock, and E:EConsent
  • Duplex printing support for document packages with the LE or CD
  • Display of audits recieved from DMD
  • Escaped attached filename with '&' characters
  • PackageType = "J" mapped to ClosingDisclosure
  • Integrated Print with PCL and LDR
  • Printer Dialog: when matching Printer Names, an exact match is needed
  • multiple emails notifications expanded; email addresses separated by comma or semicolon
  • Expanded webpost response to show Errortype and Category.
  • MyriadPro-Regular.ttf changed to use MyriaPro-Regular.otf instread because it works better on XP and all versions of Win7
  • Updated PCL2PDF conversion to support LE/CD
  • When saving DBK as PDF, any PDF attachment gets merged into the final PDF
  • When saving DBK as PDF, any form containing PDF templates get merged into to the final PDF.
  • fillcolor for printed forms back to Black
  • Alerts added if Windows is unable to register the MyriadPro font.
  • Fix to flush MYIADPRO font to disk
  • removed click on pagefrm for viewing a PDF.
  • Email selected documents to include both HTML and FO version of LDR
  • Show a message if docmaster can't write the font to disk.
  • AddFontResource( PChar(Result)); change for registering MyriadPro font DM-91.
  • [DM-90] Force GDI printing if the MyraidPro font is detected in any of the pages.
  • Fix shaded ares are no longer blacked out on printout
  • Myriad Pro font with changes resoloved for proper rendering of the form
  • Courier Bold viewing now uses a smaller offset (was 6, now 3)
  • Added PackageType "K for Integreated Disclosure
  • Bumped max email MRU to 20
  • MyriadPro Font support.
  • PackageType "U" mapped to FormList.
  • Fix for viewing SmartDocs.
  • Print embedded PDF template docuements with annotations and forces GDI printing.
  • Allow mixed case annotations and to set in Options.
  • PackageType "O" corrected to map to "PointOfSale".
  • Fix doubling up of attachments in email selected documents.
  • Fix email request/ creatingbad request.
  • If package type is not defined, set it to ' ' (a space).
  • Allows for the viewing of the DBK when the package type is blank.
  • eDelivery always set the package type to 'Appraisal'.. Now, package type is set to the original dbk package type.
  • build email and eSign form/attacment list as one call.
  • allow email selected docs for PDF templates
  • print and deliver
  • Don't attempt to get attachment list if the user isn't authenticated.
  • Disable the auto check for updates if user is NOT an Admin
  • Transpose two BASE64 decoding methods
  • No longer combine annotations with the same x value
  • Fix multi-line annotations.  DM-75
  • Get attachment list and attachments if authenticated.  DM-70
  • Requires fDocset to be loaded in order to authenticate
  • Ignore password requirement when doing eDelivery Esign
  • Added fmtHTML to exclude from eDelivery Esign
  • Allow selecting of attachments for emailing.
  • Added Default esign Delivery notification to Options screen and reference the default on the eMails screen.
  •  Stop zipping attachments; stop prepending attachments with WS.
  • Fix Saving multiple borrower forms as PDF;  was only saving the 1st borrower
  • Print and Deliver XML added to request DM-64, waiting to implment gui and completion of SERV-534.
  • prepend ws number to attachment
  • fixed dsiWebdocs form when a password is required, exception thrown on subsequent webdocs retrieval.
  • fixed watermark checkbox overwriting watermarktext description when persiting settings.
  • check boxes added to email screen to allow easy on/off of watermark and branding.
  • removed Begin and End fill macro from the fill in DocBlock.ProcessFormList
  • trimmed the loan detail report of trailing lines so the compare would not detect a change
  • Moved Watermark text from Email window to Options window
  • Added Branding Name and Branding ID to Options screen and EmailRequest.          
  • Watermark text is HTMLEscaped in request
  • Persist the 'disablePrinting' and watermark when save-as dbk.
  • Init only added to request when Authenticating user
  • WatermarkDescription changed to element in request
  • Persist email body in 'docmaster.ini'
  • Disable print button when printing is disabled.
  • Disable recipient print when emailing docs.
  • Fixed exception generated when viewing standalone pcl files
  • Added [ctrl-m] command for toggling the view of the MISMOClassificationType in the tree.
  • Added MISMOClassificationType to form properties window
  • Removed support for BLK and DSP format
  • Fixed issue related to deleting annotations
  • Support of PDF templates
  • Refactored docblock parsing.
  • Print pdf attachments
  • Added WatermarkTextDescription - if set, render this on the image and print
  • DisablePrintingIndicator="Y" disables printing of the form
  • User Authority are retrieved on authentication... DOCMASTER_PRINT (TRUE), DOCMASTER_EMAIL (TRUE), DOCMASTER_ANNOTATE (TRUE) These are only honored upon successful authentication . If Authentication fails, DOCMASTER_EMAIL and DOCMASTER_ANNOTATE = FALSE
  • Added "Save selected" to left-mouse click
  • Removed bolding of fill.                        
  • Changed fill position adjustment from 15 down to 10.  
  • Trap exception when user saves dbk to local folder they don't have permissions.
  • Flush the loan details to disk first since some versions of IE do not like streamed HTML and render it as plain text.
  • Added the WinInet error number when logging in fails.
  • Fixed: Multiple large attachments cause some attachments not to be retrieved.             
  • Trap exception on StatusHTML update.             
  • Enabled File associations for Vista/Win7.             
  • CTRL-W from the main form to "GetWebDocs";             
  • HTMLEscape the request posted to dm direct (email subjects, notes, attachment names, etc).
  • Trap exception when the user doesn't have WRITE permissions to APPDATA for the DocSetTrack xml file.
  • Fix failed connection to DocMaster database.
  • Removed the email eDisclosure from menu item (not released).
  • Removed the creation of the WebStackingOrder form from the AUTOCREATE (feature not released).
  • Save duplex print flag to registry.
  • Fix exception while deleting pcl macro on multi-page pcl.
  • DocMaster version now also stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Important for MSI installations.
  • Removed attempt register *.blz file format (zipped blk).
  • Upgraded delphi compiler 2011 (Unicode) - Major upgrade.
  • Fix the 'resize' of the viewing of the PageFrm - Save location AND size in registry.
  • Enhanced PCL renderer for courier fonts sizes.
  • Updated printer dialog, options dialog and email dialog.
  • Printer dialog reorganized.
  • 'G' : result := 'Redisclosure'; 'D' : result := 'Underwriting'; 'Q' : result := 'Prequalification'; 'V' : result := 'ServicingTransfer'
  • Removed 'Open' and webdocs button on main.
  • Removed down arrow on 'View', 'Email', and print
  • Persist "Send me a copy"
  • Fixed Web docs message when set has expired
  • Changed the loading of PCL files. If a pcl is saved as a file name of 'DBK'
  • Add Eureka log – DocMaster exceptions will be emailed to along with a detailed report
  • Change email looping through docset forms to make sure 'forms get inserted into the request first, followed by attachments
  • Request Handler url changed to: (from
  • Document set originator may allow email recipient to annotate/save local and print without authentication.
  • compiler upgrade
  • resolved memory leak if credentials are blank
  • fixed email selected documents to not include the FO
  • set header and footers for printing Loan Details HTML report. These changes persist.
  • added a blank space to image for GDI printing. Resolve printing of blank pages with some drivers.
  • Fixed annotation creation; reverted back to original release
  • Fixed printing of the Loan Details (HTML) which would set the printer to the default printer despite what the user selected.
  • Force Print_Background images to 'yes' in I.E ONLY
  • Fixed rending form issues on landscape form: inptd.msc.xml and
  • Implemented ZOOM-IN/ZOOM-OUT of Loan Details report.
  • Fixed dataglyphs rendering issue.
  • Email selected documents loan details was displayed twice; should be once
  • Using streams to load loan details into TWebBrowser control instead of file.
  • Fixed invisible softfont parse for printing - Nelson Script softfont
  • Annotation creating caused ugly flashing as user types. Solved by buffering control width.
  • Transparent parse problem on tiff images.
  • Allow email= and password= to be passed from DMW along command line
  • Color PCL support added
  • Unlimited File size for attachments
  • DBKs as attachments which also contain attachments may cause problems loading the dbk.
  • implemented email 'CC'
  • Implemented HTML Loan Details report
  • Ignore Loan Details FO in DBK
  • Added email body
  • Allow multiple email recipients - separated with semi-colon or comma
  • Support for new package types 'Preclosing' and 'ComplianceReview'
  • Saving of plan code order requires authentication. But message only reports the dbk is locked. Will now try to authenticate and give that message if it fails.
  • Don't allow the moving of an attachment to be placed within the list of forms within a dbk. Problem seen when emailing docs.
  • Since annotations are now transparent, the position in which there are placed is now based on the BOTTOM of the text instead of the bottom of the edit control that use to be colored.
  • enabled the persisting of annoations for authenticated DSI users between document processing of the same worksheet. PDF web-pickup users also receive your embedded annotations.
  • multi-line annotations rendered as GREEN text with a transparent background allowing user's to see potentially obstructed data.
  • annotation tracking by user and date/time created or modified
  • changes to annotations by other users now detected.
  • attachments can be added to any document set. Valid file types are '*.BLK; *.DBK; *.TIF; *.TIFF; *.JPG; *.JPEG; *.BMP; *.PDF; *.PCX; *.PCL; *.TXT; *.SWF. Each worksheet may have an unlimited number of attachments but each attachment is limited to 3 megabytes.
  • attachments may only be returned in the dbk format.
  • even with attachments, the dbk file is 100% PCL compliant and can be viewed by any PCL viewer or printed on any PCL printer. DocMaster can support all of this plus non-PCL printers.
  • User credentials are encrypted to the industry's highest standards.
  • enabled emailing of documents and attachments through DSI's secure email service.
  • enabled SmartDocs into DocSet
  • clean up registry; if days between update checks is set to 25 days, then reset it to 1. Changed 'beween' to 'between'
  • removed prompt asking user to make DocMaster the default PCL viewer.
  • Fixed "Save selected" with a multiple borrowers form to save all borrowers, not just the first.
  • DocSetError class modified since error codes are pass back instead of a verbose descriptions. e.g. "F" instead of "fatal".
  • Added "CreatedBy" tag to saved DBKs. This contains 'DocMaster' and the version. If the LAST token is not the current version, it is appended to the existing list, separated with a ';'
  • Added <ctrl><shift><x> to display the DocBlock XML. This only is displayed for the currently loaded docblock and is accessible from the document tree.
  • Doing a wininet 'HEAD' to get the file size of the downloads.
  • Change DefHeight in PCLParse from 10pt to 12pt. This was a problem when font size was set to 0 for viewing or GDI printing
  • replace pclPaperSource cmd with pclNoPaperSource so users are not prompted to change paper tray
  • Added DocMaster version /date to 'About' window
  • Added default printer driver to 'About' window
  • Added docset information to 'About' window
  • Added selected print mode (GDI/Direct) to 'About' window
  • Prompt user to save BLK/DBK into a new location if prohibited (Webdocs download)
  • Letter was not being recognized as LTR through out the DocSet. Now, LTR and LETTER are treated the same.
  • Removed V3.0 PCL parsing. Resolve printing problem when printing LTR, then LGL size pages in GDI mode.
  • DocBlock support (PCL print-ready document format)
  • Changed all JSP references
  • Changed application update location
  • If Docmaster detects an image within the fill, the DocMaster BARCODES are disabled on the printing.
  • Charset changed for Spanish support
  • DSIMemoryStream routine to clean PCL would occassionally would MISS finding stripped PCL.
  • Recompiled to allow adding annotations.
  • Fixed annotation file names and Fill with DSP only (DMW)
  • Added conditional compile V3.0 in the PCL parse source necessary for the FORMLIST enhancement coming
  • Verified /PRINTALL /PRINTCHANGED worked with blkuments
  • Blkument.pas replaced with blockument.pas - object redesigned 06.07.2007
  • Support of FORMLIST
  • If DMW passes the /CHANGED flag, switch it to print all if nothing has changed. Added 06/08/2007.
  • Replaced HTML rendering engine with IE due to the need of embedded Javascript within
    some forms.
  • Allows the viewing of Non-SmartDoc XML forms if there is an HTML tag.
  • When emailing a blkument, header was being stripped out for a DMW file added the 'PCL' and ',' so that template with similar names would still get added to a saved blkument
  • 05.09.2007 flags PRINT_CHANGED and Recurse parameter were transposed in PrintForms2 in TreeFrm.pas line 1571
  • Added. If a fill is to be displayed and the font color is NOT black, then use the color specified.
  • SmartDocs rendering object no longer uses IE due to limited control during printing i.e. IE uses the default printer and hedaders and footers must manipulate the registry. DOM Editting objects removed since SmartDocs will be READ-ONLY
  • Removed 2 resolutions / 2 pallet depths for the application icon 48x48 and 128x128 (both pale Application version information company name changed to Document Systems
  • Email documents that have embedded SmartDocs was giving a warning there was a problem saving the blkument because there was no template.
    Change ">" button to "Submit" on web docs screen.
  • Changed "Create Association" icon, so that when the button is disbaled within Multi-user mode, the icon is grayed.Dated: December 1, 2006 New annoations lost focus.
  • XML docs cause the stop light to show red, since there is no concept of a laser.
  • If the Fill for a form is marked as XML, then the program won't look for a template. FileBox. Use Envirnoment Var "APPDATA" instead of USERPROFILE' Under help, Current OS is displayed. OS: Windows NT 6.0 is displayed for VISTA When VERFY docs is 'started', the animation is no longer displayed for windows Vista.
  • Implemented viewing of SMARTDOCS (XML) and conditional compile
  • Changed the removal of FF from the last 60 bytes to all within the last 100 bytes of the templates.
  • Reset annotations fonts to Courier 12.
  • Tray codes reimplemented. Tray codes read from the Options form instead of registry since registry is READ when launched and saved only on exit.
  • Patch: If the last form in Tree is a multi-page form, and the 1st form/page is being viewed. Pressing the PREV button would not show the LAST page of the last form (unless it was expanded).
  • Enhancement: Email changed forms only either in BLK or pdf format.
  • Patch: Changed wording of pop-up dialog for GDI print job below.
  • Patch: If a large GDI print job is sent to the printer and BEFORE it completely gets to the spooler, the user submits another job, exceptions were being thrown on the initial job and aborted. Now, the user is informed that a current job is getting sent to the printer and told to try again momentarily. This has been a problem since supporting GDI and only seen as a problem by tech support.
  • Patch: SMTP email changed as PDF (only changed now sent instead of ALL).
  • Patch: When CRC was done within DMW, only the fill was checked. Now, form AND FILL will be checked within DMW.
  • Patch: Page count of loan set when tree is partially off the viewable area. Line 525 Blkumnt source code.
  • Patch: If TOP worksheet node is selected and user selects.. 'Print Selected', then all nodes will print.
  • Patch: If all forms are deleted and PRINT Remaining is selected w/GDI printing. Nothing will print.
  • Enhancement: Handled exception when a template form can't be loaded while building the DSP tree.
  • Enhancement: SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows Messaging SubsystemMAPI must = 1 in order for MAPI emailing to work. Implemented a warning when MAPI emailing.
  • Enhancement: Removed the duplication of the creation of the DSIdownload object and remoterequest object at startup. RemoteRequst object renamed to WebDocs.
  • Patch: If a node is deleted, and print ALL is selected, then the first node is selected.
  • Patch: PCL Parse changed FontSize setting from Integer to FLOAT. Some new forms without without source use fonts pt size = 9.5 (
  • Patch: Forms where the LAST fill data on the page was compressed, annotations would ALSO be compressed when GDI printed. HMI is now set to 12 (12/120th inch or 10 CPI).
  • Patch: FormFeeds removed from forms AND Fill data.
  • Patch: Re-enabled the reloading of the printer driver while GDI printing however, ignore the exception if one is thrown while printing since without reloading, some printer drivers will still abort the job.
  • Patch: Register the version on START up of docmaster.
  • Patch: Removed the reloading of the printer driver while GDI printing in GDI_PageSetup. This was implemented when print selected sent EVERYTHING to the printer as a single job.
  • Enhancement: More error trapping when stream printing.
  • Patch: Printing of a single PCL file.
  • Enhancement: When retrieving WebDocs, the progress bar (and window resizing) is ONLY displayed when files larger than 750k are being downloaded. This is larger than the maximum XML file, but smaller than the smallest blkument.
  • Patch: The print dialog will NOT be displayed if all forms have been deleted and the root node is selected for printing.
  • Enhancement: Placed components in WebDocs window onto a panel with borders for cosmetic reasons.
  • Enhancement: Progress bar now expands the window when any download is occurring.
  • Enhancement: Keeping the user from resizing of this form was redesigned to capturing the form messages instead of using form constraints.
  • Enhancement: Webdocs_w_pwd registry entry added so that if a user DOWNGRADES docmaster, WebDocs will still work. Versions since were resetting the WebDocs registry setting to the NEW url.
  • Enhancement: Removed border around Authentication message on WebDocs.
  • Patch: Word spacing in Authentication required box.
  • Patch: PassType was set to 'Password' not specified within the XML.
  • Enhancement: Removed 'POPUP' warning and place RTF authentication warning into WebDocs window.
  • Enhancement: Separated Passphrase and WebDocs code. The user is dispayed a prompt to fill in the password only if it is needed.
  • Enhancement: Implemented a pass phrase for WebDocs.
  • Patch: Changed call IEDownload.Go(Url: string, FileName) to IEDownload.Go(Url: string) in DSI Download.
  • Enhancement: Enabled WindowsME support.
  • Enhancement: If Docmaster was being blocked from the DocMagic website, a HTML page was being returned to the user stating an 'Error parsing' message. Now, the html error message is displayed in the default browser.
  • Enhancement: Removed OSChecking in PrinterString unit.
  • Patch: Re-associations were NOT being created if the application was moved and a newer version was executed.
  • Enhancement: Local Printer redirected to network port now displays the printer name in the printer dialog, not the DRIVER.
  • Enhancement: Internet Explorer version is displayed in the 'About' dialog. The XML parser requires 6.0 or higher.
  • Enhancement: Now, each time that DocMaster is loaded, the custom user associations will be replaced for BLK, BLZ, and DSP files.
  • Enhancement: When DocMaster makes associations, it will replace ANY custom user associations made in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows CurrentVersionExplorerFileExts.blk.
  • Enhancement: Application key is set to blank.
  • Enhancement: Keystroke combinations added to allow Docmaster to re-download the currently released version or a specific release.
  • Enhancement: Added page orientation to each from in the print job immediately after the page initialization string.
  • Patch: While viewing a page, LastPage, was occasionally incorrectly grayed.
  • Patch: When printing multiple sets, subsequent sets was turning DUPLEXING off.
  • Patch: Print jobs now support null byte data. This was causing pre-mature termination of the print job.
  • Patch: Print selected now begins at the TOP of the tree looking for nodes selected. A problem was encountered if the FIRST node selected was at the bottom. Since the print selected submits all forms as a single job, we no longer support the printing of the forms in the order in which they are selected.
  • Patch: Addendum printing. If user chose 'PRINT ON LEGAL' and the form was LETTER, the Addendum also needed to print LEGAL (The fill may have a page size command in it that may keep the last page from printing LEGAL).
  • Enhancement: Added configuration of WININET on the OPTIONS form.
  • Enhancement: Print selected, whether GDI printing or PCLDirect submits the print job as a SINGLE job to the printer.
  • Patch: Set image when GDI printing to MONOCHROME to keep blue text from printing on color printers.
  • Patch: Close the download form after retrieving a blkument passed on URL.
  • Patch: Removed blank pages when generating PDF for odd number pages and DUPLEXING turned on.
  • Enhancement: NEW Automatic Updates feature. DocMaster now has the ability to auto update upon launching of the software or by selecting the "Help/About/Check for Updates" button.
  • Enhancement: Changed Document indication for DocMagic Online users. DocMaster will now track which documents have changed for DocMagic Online users.
  • Enhancement: Drag and Drop support for BLKs /PCL/PDF/TIF into DocMaster for easy viewing. Note: Proper *.dll files are required for viewing *.tif images.
  • Enhancement: NEW Red or Green indicator quickly shows if there is a problem with a set of documents. This feature appears at the bottom left hand corner of DocMaster.
  • Enhancement: Now, the number of pages in a document set will display at bottom center of status bar.
  • Enhancement: Built in support of Landscape forms.
  • Enhancement: Enhanced imaging capabilities via DocMaster Tracking menu.
  • Enhancement: Faster printing.