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The fastest easiest and most secure way to get documents signed.
DocMagic's revolutionary eSign system allows you to click-to-sign any document, generic agreement or just about anything... electronically. The process is completely secure, amazingly simple, incredibly fast and best of all... it's FREE!

The steps are simple.
Enter the name and email address of each signer, upload your document or use a pre-existing template, enter an optional subject line and message, and click send. Your recipient instantly receives an email invitation providing access to the document. The recipient reviews, clicks-to-sign, everyone receives a copy and the documents are securely filed for retrieval at a later time.


With DocMagic's proprietary ClickSign technology, signers can click-to-sign documents in seconds.

After signing, a tamper-evident digital seal is applied to ensure the integrity of your electronic document.

Upon completion, all signers are provided instant, secure access to their fully-executed documents.


Documents executed using DocMagic eSign are as legally effective, valid and enforceable as documents printed and signed in ink.
DocMagic eSign preserves the integrity of documents and enhances the security of signatures. Unlike printed documents, DocMagic eSign minimizes fraud as documents cannot be changed, and the intended signatory putting their electronic signature on a document is optimized.

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