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Due to the impact of the Coronavirus, many investors and agencies are providing updates to their available loan programs.  DocMagic is keeping abreast of these changes and will be making updates accordingly.

Alabama Housing Finance Authority:  Alabama Housing Finance Authority (AHFA) is suspending acceptance of new reservations effective immediately. Updates will be sent when the acceptance of reservations resume.

New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority: New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority is suspending taking loan reservations until further notice.

Sierra Pacific Mortgage: California's Sierra Pacific got the word out that, "...we are only accepting brokered loan submissions. We are currently not accepting any Correspondent submissions...".

Cornerstone: Announces the temporary suspension of the Jumbo product and update to available lock periods, effective immediately.

CO_JUMBO51                  JUMBO 5/1 LIBOR ARM 2/2/5 CAPS - CORNERSTONE

CO_JUMBO71                  JUMBO 7/1 LIBOR ARM 2/2/5 CAPS - CORNERSTONE

CO_JUMBO101                JUMBO 10/1 LIBOR ARM 2/2/5 CAPS – CORNERSTONE

Home Point Financial Corporation: Announces temporary suspension of the HomeStyle and FHA 203(k) renovation programs, effective March 27, 2020.



JP Morgan Chase: Chase Bulletin CB20-12, effective 3/27/20. Chase is discontinuing the Chase Advantage Agency and Chase Advantage Non-Agency products. No locks after 3/272020.

CMMC_475                    475 - ADVANTAGE NON-AGENCY 5/1 LIBOR ARM - CHASE

CMMC_476                    476 - ADVANTAGE NON-AGENCY 7/1 LIBOR ARM - CHASE

CMMC_477                    477 - ADVANTAGE NON-AGENCY 10/1 LIBOR ARM - CHASE

CMMC_481                    481 - ADVANTAGE AGENCY 5/1 LIBOR ARM – CHASE

CMMC_650                    650 - ADVANTAGE NON-AGENCY 20/25/30 FIXED RATE - CHA

CMMC_651                    651 - ADVANTAGE NON-AGENCY 10/15 YEAR FIXED RATE - C

CMMC_652                    652 - ADVANTAGE AGENCY 20/25/30 FIXED RATE - CHASE

CMMC_653                    653 - ADVANTAGE AGENCY 10/15 YEAR FIXED RATE – CHASE

For questions regarding these changes and other investor related issues, please contact Investor Relations at