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FREE, EASY, FAST and SECURE, a simple password entered at Get WebDocs on our website allows anyone to safely review, retrieve and print complete loan document packages, whenever or wherever needed.


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DocMagic Online Desktop Launcher

Add an application shortcut to your windows desktop to easily launch DocMagic Online.


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DocMaster Document Viewer

View and print emailed or downloaded WebDocs with this easy to use, self-contained utility. Transport a complete set of documents to any email address anywhere... FREE. Enjoy hassle free verification and no wasted paper.


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OpenPCL Viewer

The industry's first free electronic document viewer capable of representing documents saved in Printer Control Language (PCL). PCL is widely used in the industry as it is the native language used to communicate with computer printers, which makes it the most accurate representation of what the final document will look like on the printed page.


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