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Gavias Blockbuider Integration Services

Integration Services

Connecting systems and technology to deliver a seamless user experience.


Seamless Integration

In-house integration specialists and business analysts collaborate with legal, compliance, form creation, and programming teams during the implementation process.

Reliability reaches into all aspects of our operation, from being 100% compliant to implementing our technology when the competition has failed to deliver. We deploy custom interfaces to incorporate the latest technology, ensuring that implementation is seamless.



Integration Partners


“We place the highest priority on compliance — we can’t afford to work with vendors that aren’t 100% reliable. After experiencing endless delays with another vendor, we did our due diligence and DocMagic emerged as the clear choice for document preparation and delivery.”


James Kiyohara | Chief Information Officer | CashCall Mortgage

”The tight integrations we have with many Loan Origination partner systems allows lenders to generate accurate compliant documents the first time-every time-while remaining in their native system of record, thus ensuring data consistency."



Steve Ribultan | Director of Business Development | DocMagic

“The interface we developed with DocMagic cuts clients' loan production labor costs significantly. Without the interface, there's a lot of wasted activity that transpires with every loan. This inefficiency was the impetus for us to find a better way to order mortgage documents."



David Coldwell | President | LendingQB

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