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Gavias Blockbuider Investor eQC



Automated Due Diligence

A due diligence solution that gives investors and correspondent lenders a detailed audit trail with a complete electronic record of compliance. The result is increased efficiency, more profitability, and true automated proof of compliance.



Closed Loan MISMO v.3 File


Certified UCD XML Data Report


Consistent Data Validation


Automated Compliance Report

Reduce risk with our industry leading quality control solution.

The eQC audit is just the beginning. After the audit, you need the right reporting tools. We’ll research, report, and answer questions about your data and processes to pinpoint areas of concern. Then we’ll help you stop them from happening in the future.


Compliance Edge Premium Subscription

The Compliance Edge, DocMagic’s premium subscription resource, offers the most up-to-date compliance information available from legal analysis to the latest mortgage industry news. The latest mortgage industry laws and regulations are organized into actionable information designed to help you stay on top of compliance. The Compliance Edge is a powerful resource that Premium Subscribers rely on to reduce compliance risk, lower costs and increase operational efficiencies.

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