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Gavias Blockbuider Document Generation

Document Generation

End-to-end document production, preparation, delivery & automated compliance


Our document generation solution and compliance expertise will transform how you process loan documents.

DocMagic’s legal and compliance expertise is built into our dynamic and customizable document generation technology. A single system of record automatically evaluates critical transaction information at all phases of the mortgage lifecycle to ensure accuracy. Now you can optimize every aspect of your document process from initial disclosures all the way through closing.



We offer browser-based data entry systems, along with our suite of document generation API’s



Continuous and automated data & document validation


Seamless Connectivity

Seamless integration with every leading LOS



Our certified eVault stores all evidence of document production data and compliance validation



Process a closing document package containing 100+ pages in under 3 seconds



We maintain the highest security protocols along with optimized storage access and unlimited scalability

Not just any documents…

It's a data-driven world, and the ability to track a document and its data payload throughout the mortgage process is crucial to compliance. DocMagic's intelligent documents capture the source XML data, along with a date and time stamp of delivery milestones.


We call them Intelligent Documents


We employ a data-centric approach for capturing information and do not rely on form-based input screens.

Data and Document Accuracy

No matter the source, our sophisticated rules-based document generation engine absorbs all transactional data to dynamically produce a compliant document package.

Loan Detail Report

A dynamic report of loan transaction-specific details, 1,000's of compliance audit results, audit messages with links to specific legal and regulatory information.

Intelligent Features

Documents include intelligent features like barcodes for identification and indexing, embedded content to support post generation action, and a tamper-evident digital seal.


Document formats include static templates, dynamic layouts, as well as MISMO SMART Docs, the framework for implementing all aspects of the digital mortgage process.

Limitless Integration

We offer browser-based data entry options along with our robust document generation API interface.

Print Fulfillment Center

DocMagic’s core focus is to provide a legal and compliant loan document process. Our Print Fulfillment Center employs advanced technology to automate nearly every step of the paper process. We've integrated fulfillment within our workflow to support lenders’ growing need for secure, compliant paper documents as the mortgage industry transitions to a 100% digital mortgage process.


Package Types

Our Document Library includes over 250,000 documents, encompassing custom letters, brochures, and industry-regulated forms. This vast collection allows us to meet the demands of all jurisdictions and loan types.

  • Adverse Action/Denial
  • Application
  • Appraisal
  • Closing
  • Closing Disclosure
  • Compliance Review
  • eConsent
  • Flood Certification
  • Initial Disclosure
  • Loan Approval
  • Loan Estimate
  • Loan Modification
  • Point of Sale
  • Post Closing (Trailing Docs)
  • Pre-Closing
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Processing
  • Rate Lock
  • Redisclosure
  • Servicing Transfer
  • Underwriting and more

DocMagic’s ADA capabilities

By making our loan documents accessible to users with disabilities, we’re giving our customers the opportunity to serve a wider array of users and allowing those users to participate more fully in the mortgage process.


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We’d love to show you why DocMagic is the technology leader that so many lenders turn to for real-world solutions. We are focused on providing the tools and services to help you thrive.

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