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New FHA Form: Notice to Prospective Buyers of Properties Located in Runway Clear Zones

Recent updates to FHA Single-Family Housing Policy Handbook 4000.1, effective February 16, 2021, include a revision to previous requirements regarding existing properties located in Runway Clear Zones, also known as Runway Protection Zones. HUD Handbook 4000.1 Pt.II.A.3(a)(ii)(S) specifies that a mortgagee must obtain a borrower’s acknowledgment when this hazard is present. The requirement was previously codified in 24 C.F.R § 51.303(a)(3) and included in prior HUD Handbooks without reference to acknowledgment by the mortgagee.     

DocMagic is making this form available in the Forms List or for customers to add to their account upon request beginning on February 4, 2021. To view the form, click here. If you wish to add the form to your account (Form ID: NPBPLRCZ.FHA), please let us know by contacting customer service.