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Gavias Blockbuider Ron Webinar 5/27 Resource


Road-Tested eClosing Strategies

Navigating digital implementation in the current landscape

Digital mortgages have gained so much attention in recent months. The technology exists today, but how lenders implement that technology can impact business continuity during these unpredictable times. This webinar will provide a deep dive into recent industry momentum behind RON legislation and the realities of implementation.


  • Current Challenges
    • Underwriting concerns & settlement participation
    • County Recorder Issues
    • National RON legislation
  • Tactical Approach - Where you must be today
    • Hybrid 1 - Today's baseline
    • Hybrid 2 - Implement eNotes & eVault
  • The Last Mile
    • RON is here to stay
    • RON closings will usurp all other forms of closing
    • Meeting consumer expectation
  • The 'Blue Sky' Future
    • 2020 is the year of the eNote
    • 2021 will be the year of RON