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[Webinar] Dear mortgage lenders, prepare yourself for Millennial homebuyers

Wed, 09/30/2015

By Brena Swanson

The industry is changing, with or without you. The good news is that we are here with answers.

HousingWire is launching the first of many webinars to cover the ever-changing industry. 

And what better way to start than a webinar on the largest cohort of homebuyers to storm the industry, Millennials.

The largest generation is growing up, and quick. And contrary to popular belief, they do want to buy homes; but it won’t be in the same way as their predecessors. Millennials demand social media, online banking -- and yes, online mortgages.

To help transform lenders into experts on all things Millennials and homebuying, HousingWire rallied experts in the industry who are executing on this topic.

Ginger Wilcox, chief industry officer with Sindeo, Joe Caltabiano, senior vice president of Mortgage Lending with Guaranteed Rate and Tim Anderson director of eServices with DocMagic, will give their own insight on what they are seeing in the industry with Millennials.

The three bring over 60 years of experience in all aspects of the industry, giving a full range of tips and inside knowledge of what does and doesn’t work.  

Here’s a bio on each panelist.

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Topics of discussion include:

  • An inside look at who the home-buying Millennials really are: demographics and defining characteristics
  • The challenges Millennials face in the home-buying market, and how to overcome them
  • What a modern business relationship means, feels and really looks like to the next generation of homebuyers
  • What Millennials definitely don't want in the home-buying process

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As featured by HousingWire, October 2015