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A More Sophisticated E-Signing Strategy

Tue, 03/31/2015

As electronic signing adoption continues to evolve, so have the technologies that lenders can use to embrace this time- and money-saving strategy. For example, eSignSystems, a division of DocMagic, has launched its new SmartSAFE XL platform that marries sophisticated functionality with elegant simplicity, resulting in a highly intuitive e-signature process. Here’s the scoop:

Benefits of the new application include greater scalability, increased transaction volume, and a simplified user interface, resulting in a very smooth and intuitive process.

SmartSAFE XL is a complete modernization of prior versions of the SmartSAFE interface and infrastructure. The new codebase has been redesigned using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET MVC 5.0 and Entity Framework 6 as well as HTML 5. The search fields are smarter, and modifications to participants and annotations can be done on-the-fly.

“Users of SmartSAFE XL will experience a clean and intuitive user experience in the management of documents and SigningRooms, increased workflow efficiencies, and streamlined administration of the system, making SmartSAFE XL one of the most robust and powerful eSignature and eVaulting solutions on the market,” said Kelly Purcell, EVP of sales and marketing at eSignSystems. “The new platform is ideal for companies that require more flexibility, extendibility and control over their eSign processes.”

SmartSAFE XL provides a centralized, user-friendly interface to prepare documents and establish “SigningRooms” for anything a user may want to electronically have signed, from loan documents to functional areas such as sales departments to contracts and NDAs, human resource departments for employee paperwork and benefits, in-house legal departments, partner networks, and more.

The platform is completely secure and provides legally-binding audit trails that are automatically initiated, collected and retained for the lifetime of the electronic record.

SmartSAFE XL is fully compliant with the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA), Revised Article 9 of the UCC, ESIGN, The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, ESIGN, and Federal ESIGN eSignature and eRecord retention laws as well as international governance bodies such as the EU Electronic Signatures Directive.

“eSignSystems has been very successful in helping companies of all types leverage electronic signatures within their operational workflows,” said Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic, Inc., which acquired eSignSystems last year. “The launch of SmartSAFE XL takes eSigning to the next level for organizations that have specific needs for more customizable eSigning solutions.”

As featured by Progress In Lending, April 2015