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Advancing eNotarization

Sun, 07/31/2016

By Tony Garritano

World Wide Notary LLC (WWN), an eNotarization solution provider, launched a major partnership with NotaryGO, the leading signing service across the nation. The new partnership will provide NotaryGO’s more than 71,000 notaries, title notary attorneys, and mobile notaries with access to WWN and its partners’ technology.

Currently WWN and NotaryGO are and will be soliciting targeted closing attorneys, notaries and mobile notaries that are the best of the best. These notaries will have access to WWN’s DigaSign eClosing system and the capability to service eMortgage lenders and title with fully eMortgage closings in their specific cities and states.

“The mortgage industry is increasingly adopting the eMortgage process.  Lenders, banks and title companies are looking to move to a complete electronic process,” said Bob Rice, CEO of WWN.  “We are successfully leveraging the DigaSign eNotary integration with our strategic business partner DocMagic, which offers a comprehensive TRID, document preparation, eSigning, eDelivery and eMortgage technology.  We integrated our eNotarization system with DocMagic’s platform through a secure eClosing room that is MERS registry eVault compliant. We are please to bring these electronic tools to the industry while increasing compliance, decreasing errors and saving significant amounts of time and money.”

Rice continued: “These are just a few of the benefits that WWN/DigaSign will be able to provide to the NotaryGO eClosing notary network.  NotaryGO can now place a DigaSign eNotary anywhere a title or mortgage company needs a fully eMortgage and eClosing process.”

The DigaSign solution allows borrowers, lenders, settlement agents and mobile notaries to eSign documents and eNotarize — both online and offline.  As a result, the entire closing process is streamlined, paper is eliminated, costs are reduced and compliance is ensured.

WWN has long been at the forefront of educating and lobbying the state Attorneys General and Secretaries of State to accept eNotaries in a variety of different industries.  The company’s technology has been certified by multiple Secretaries of State under the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) eNotary standards; and, in all states that have approved the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

A number of efficiencies accompany WWN’s DigaSign eNotary technology that includes dramatically speeding up the notary process on mortgage documents, with Internet connection or without, ensuring strict compliance adherence is met, establishing detailed audit trails, reducing errors, slashing processing costs, reducing risk, and enhancing the overall borrower closing experience. The solution centralizes and streamlines the entire eNotarization process.

Progress In Lending, August 2016