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2017 HW Insiders: Mike Zarrilli

Thu, 08/31/2017

Chief Operating Officer at DocMagic

Mike Zarrilli thrives in the fast-paced, dynamic environment at DocMagic. As COO, he has a critical role ensuring that company operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

Amid an ever-changing, compliance-intensive mortgage landscape, DocMagic has experienced major growth during the past five years, realizing a 42% increase in revenue for 2016, the second time revenue has increased by more than 40%. Zarrilli is instrumental in helping to effectively manage this hyper-growth from an operations and budgeting perspective, ensuring the company expands at a healthy, controlled rate.

Zarrilli was heavily involved in the integration of DocMagic’s acquisition of Document Express in 2014, leading the project plan to integrate the two companies’ infrastructures. Zarrilli recently helped organize the strategic alignment of DocMagic’s enterprise sales team with its customer service department, improving transparency, ease of communication and collaboration. 

“Mike is masterful at bringing different teams members together to coordinate and understand DocMagic’s different undertakings for the benefit of partners and clients.”

As featured by HousingWire, September 2017