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Document Generation

A dynamic document generation platform that delivers digital, e-enabled documents covering every aspect of the loan process.


LoanMagic is software-as-a-service offered to the mortgage and consumer lending industry and accessible by lenders and borrowers via the internet. LoanMagic provides transaction participants with real-time loan status information, collects data input by participants and automatically updates deadlines and checklists, allows participants to exchange and sign documents electronically, and provides encryption and long-term storage for signed closing documents. 

DocMagic eSign

Resolves the inefficiencies and compliance risk of wet signatures and paper documents with streamlined e-enabled workflow that features electronic signature, document management, and storage within a secure digital environment.

DocMagic freeSign®

freeSign captures electronic signatures for any document saved in a PDF file format and digitally seals those documents to prevent fraud, as well as providing access and audit trail capabilities, document versioning, and e-mail notifications.

Total eClose™

A 100% paperless, single-source platform that facilitates an efficient, transparent and fully compliant eClosing process.


Lenders, settlement providers and associates work together inside a secure collaborative closing platform to view, edit, and exchange critical data prior to closing.


The DocMagicXL downloadable software connects directly with loan origination systems, allowing for the seamless preparation, execution, and delivery of loan documents without the need for data entry.  

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We can help you to transform your processes through the implementation and management of smart solutions, apps, and technology.

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