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Yes. Log into with the username and password that you use to log into DocMagic Online. Select Web Services -> My Account from the menu at the top of the website. Using Account Administration, you can add, remove or update user information.

NOTE: Only users that are designated administrators will be able to access this page.

Account Administration gives account administrators the ability to add/remove users, modify/update current user profiles, modify/update passwords, add/remove user services and add/remove plans. If an account subscribes to LoanMagic, administrators may also upload a logo to be displayed in all LoanMagic reports.

Yes. When processing, check the E-mail to another location check box and fill in the email address to where you would like the documents sent. You will see this option in the Additional Delivery Options area of the processing window.

If your system blocks pop-up browser windows, you will need to allow pop-ups so that DocMagic OnLine can be started. Disable your pop-up blocker, or enable pop-up windows for the website

If you are a Windows XP SP2 user, be aware that the default action of the built-in pop-up blocker will prevent DocMagic OnLine from launching. You may notice an icon, a red circle with red diagonal line, in the bottom of your Internet Explorer windows that looks like this:

This indicates a page has been blocked. You can unblock the entire DocMagic site by right-clicking the icon. When you do, a menu appears like this:

Choose "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site...".

Click the Audit button. When the Server/Audit Messages window displays, across the top menu buttons are provided to display each of these items details. These are also available in the Tools menu after the websheet has been audited. Additionally, in the Section 32 details display, a link is provided to display state specific details if applicable.

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