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The majority of printers used today will work with DocMaster. If your printer is not printing properly from DocMaster, select Options -> System Options, select the Printing tab and change 'PCL Direct (Fast)' to 'Windows Print' in the dropdown selection. Attempt to print your document again.

Yes. To do so, view the document that you want to make annotations on by highlighting it in the list of documents and click the View Doc button. Next, click the Add Text button located on the document toolbar and click the document on the desired position where you would like to add text.

Yes. You can do so by dragging and dropping the documents in the document list into the order that you would like them to print. Then, select File -> Save Stacking Order from the DocMaster menu. DocMaster will recall this order for all future document sets created using the same plan. If you would like to undo a saved stacking order, use the Delete Stacking Order option in the File menu.

This occurs when a document set has been printed, changes were then made to the worksheet and it has been reprocessed. Documents displayed in red signify modifications were made to the document as a result of changes that were made to the worksheet. To print only the modified documents (displayed in red), click the Changed button on the DocMaster toolbar.

Yes. Select Options -> System Options from the DocMaster menu. Then, select the System tab and, in the Email Client field, choose 'My email client (MAPI)'. DocMaster will then attempt to use your default email client to email the documents. If you are not using a MAPI email client, you will want to choose 'DSI SMTP Client' and have your Network or Systems Administrator complete the required fields (ie, Outgoing mail, Incoming mail). Once DocMaster has been configured, documents can be emailed by clicking the Email button on the DocMaster toolbar.

Yes. The DocMaster Scanning Module will allow you to scan images and email them anywhere. The scanned document will arrive in a standard .tif format and can be opened with any word processing program. Please contact DSI Technical Support for more information.

Yes. In the document list, select the document that you wish to print and click on the Selected button on the DocMaster toolbar. To print more than one document, hold down the 'Control' (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and select the additional documents to be printed.

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