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FAQ - FillMagic

What Loan Origination Systems are currently involved with FillMagic?

Lendware by Framework. Any interface with DocMagic Direct can be adapted to work with FillMagic.

Whom do I contact for support?

For implementation questions, contact Jack Pier at (866) 620-1583. For document support, contact Alan Brisbane at (800) 649-1362, ext 209 or Mike Zarrilli at ext 210. For compliance, contact Bill Lambropoulos at ext 277.

How is document selection handled?

The LOS can include a list of forms when documents are requested or loan data can be analyzed to produce a list automatically.

Is bar coding and duplex printing supported?

Yes, both bar coding and duplex printing are supported.

How do I get my documents into the system?

A client's current library of forms can be compared to DSI's library of over 35,000 documents in an effort to identify exact matches. Close matches are provided for review and consideration. If no match is found, a custom form is required (see below).

How do I get custom documents into the system?

A sample can be faxed or, preferably, an electronic file can be emailed to our customer service department with instructions on how the form should be filled. The fee is $75 to $125 per page depending on the scope of the project. Rules can also be requested to define when the form appears in a document package.

What document formats are supported?

PCL, PDF (Adobe Reader) and DBK (DSI's proprietary docblock format that works with the DocMaster reader) formats are all supported.

What operating systems are supported?

All operating systems that support Java are also supported by FillMagic.

How secure are internet communications with DSI's servers?

DSI has implemented the most current industry security measures to protect customer data. For a detailed description of those security measures, as well as a description of DSI's handling for nonpublic personal information, click here.

Can the documents be emailed to, or downloaded by, 3rd-party service providers?

Yes. The LOS may provide emailing functionality, however it is also available via DSI's DocMaster reader program using SMTP or MAPI.

Alternatively, the email can reference a "WebDocs Retrieval Code" that can be used to download the documents from DSI or the lender's website.

How are documents kept in compliance?

For clients hosting the servlet themselves, the DSI legal department monitors all documents and insures that they are kept compliant. An annual license fee is negotiated at the time of purchase. For those using the ASP solution, the legal department also monitors the these documents. However, no annual license fee is incurred.

Is there an errors and omissions policy in place and, if so, how much does it cover?

Yes, the amount covered is $5,000,000.

How are requests for documents made to the servlet?

The LOS collects the data elements and posts them to the servlet in an XML stream. This stream is then processed and a response is returned.

Once the request is processed, what is returned in the servlet response?

The response includes documents which are parsed, saved and presented to the user via the LOS's GUI, a reader such as Adobe Reader or DSI's own DocMaster. HTML is delivered so that a Proof Sheet, APR, Section 32, Predatory Lending Analysis and Impounds may be viewed. Also, warning messages and/or fatal errors generated during the audit are also included.

The "WebDocs Retrieval Code" is also returned in the response so that the documents can be downloaded at a later time (within 30 days).

Can the servlet calculate the APR and Amortization Schedule?

Yes. The LOS may include their own calculations or provide the servlet with only the data elements it needs. Aggregate Escrow adjustments, PMI and P&I can also be calculated.

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