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FAQ - WebDocs/EmailDocs

I'm getting an invalid code message when I input the code received from the lender. Why?

You may have entered the code incorrectly. Be sure that you include all dashes. Also, some letters and numbers can look similar (ie, the letter 'O' and the number '0' or the letter 'I' and the number '1'). Ensure that you are using the correct character, as the code must be an exact match to download the documents.

Can I use my own website to provide WebDocs to title companies, closing attorneys, etc.?

Yes. To offer WebDocs access on your website, follow the instructions provided at

What should I do when I receive a DocMail message from a lender?

Choose the format in which you want to download the documents by selecting the relevant link in the email message. If the DocMaster application is installed on your computer, you should select "Click Here" in the first option provided. If you do not have DocMaster installed, but do have Adobe Reader installed, select "Click Here" in the second option.

My DocMail's HTML content is disabled. What should I do if the "Click Here" link is not visible?

Navigate to and enter the WebDocs retrieval code, provided at the bottom of the DocMail message, into the field provided for Get WebDocs.

I attempt to download documents via DocMail, a page is displayed and nothing happens. Why?

Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, a few minutes may be required for the documents to download completely. If you are using a dial-up ISP, the download time can take up to five minutes. Once the documents have finished downloading, the appropriate application will open and the documents will be displayed.

I emailed documents and have not received a confirmation message that it was sent. Why?

You will recieve a confirmation that an email was sent if mailing documents from DocMagic for Windows. If you do not recieve this email, the email address in your DocMagic user profile is incorrect. To correct your address, select Setup -> Set DocMagic Users from the DocMagic menu, select your user ID in the 'User ID' field and click the Read this User button. Modify your email as necessary and then click the Save this User button. Before sending any further emails, you will need to exit and then restart DocMagic for Windows.

Can I email particular documents in a closing package, but not the entire package?

Yes, particular documents from a closing package can be emailed from DocMagic for Windows ONLY.

To do so, from the DocMagic for Windows menu, select On-Line => E-Mail Selected Documents, choose the worksheet number that contains the documents that you would like to send and click OK. A list of documents in the package will display. Select the documents that are to be sent and click OK. DocMagic will now request the recipient's email address. Once entered, click OK and the selected documents will be sent.

How secure are internet communications with DSI's servers?

DSI has implemented the most current industry security measures to protect customer data. For a detailed description of those security measures, as well as a description of DSI's handling for nonpublic personal information, click here.

The file cannot open because it is an unrecognized file type or corrupted. What should I do?

This will occur if the wrong program (ie, Adobe Reader) is attempting to open the documents. To correct this, you must download and install DocMaster. The instructions and installation file can be found at Select the Complete Install. Once the installation is complete, again press the link to download your documents. The documents will now open in DocMaster where they may be viewed, printed and emailed.

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