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Download FREE updates now to maximize the power of DocMagic. Please note that you will need the prior release version to upgrade to your new version. All updates are progressive and must be updated in sequence and one at a time. If you are using an older version of DocMagic and will need several updates, please feel free to download the full installation program and then transfer all data to the new program. Need help? Call DocMagic Technical Support at (800) 649-1362.

8.16.1 January 2009
8.13 July 2008
8.12 July 2008
8.11 July 2008
8.10 June 2008
8.09.9 June 2008
8.09.8 May 2008
8.09.7 April 2008


Installation Instructions:
1. Click on the Update Version above that you wish to download.
  NOTE: Be sure that the file is saved as "update.exe" or "", and write down the path to the directory in which you save the file.
2. After downloading update, open DocMagic. Once DocMagic is running, go to the utilities menu and select "Load Update from a Disk."
3. Browse to the directory in which you saved the update and select "OK". DocMagic will then automatically update itself to the new version. The current version number will not be displayed on the main screen until you close and then open DocMagic again.

If you require additional assistance with the installation or setup of DocMagic, please call our Technical Support department at (800) 649-1362.