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We make it quick and easy for you to electronically review and sign

your documents in one simple and convenient process!


For a downloadable PDF version of this guide, click here.



You can also sign on a mobile device! Click here for instructions.


Certain closing packages will require you to validate your identity. Click here for instructions.





You'll receive an e-mail invitation like the one pictured below. Click on the "Click Here" link to get started.


 Screenshot of invitation e-mail





The link will take you to this welcome page where you must verify your identity.


  • Verification boxes include SSN and viewing code.


  • The lender may add property zip code as a third option.


Before you can access the platform, you must check the box stating that you have read and agree to the terms outlined in the eSign Disclosure and Consent form. You can access it through the link provided on the welcome screen.


  • This document explains your rights and responsibilities under the Federal E-Sign Act.


  • A copy of the agreement will be automatically emailed to you for your records.


  • If the terms are not acceptable, do not check the box. You will not be let into the signing experience, and your documents will be mailed to you.


If you get a "login error" message, close the browser tab and click on the link in your email again.


Certain closing packages will require you to validate your identity before you can sign. Click here for additional instructions.




 Verification + eSign





If there are multiple borrowers in the package, you may be asked to choose if you are the only signer, or if there will be other signers in the session. Make your selection and click Continue.


  • Please note that if you select Other signers and me, you will need to check the names of other signers that will joining the session.


  • If there are other borrower(s) joining the session from their own devices, select Just me. This prompt is asking if there will be multiple people using the same computer to sign.


  • If you will be the only borrower, this does not apply to you.



 Who will be joining?



You may see a "Preparing your documents" loading screen when you first enter the signing experience. The system will automatically take you to the first document that needs to be signed.


To start the eSign process, click "Start Signing" in the top right. You won't be able to sign anything until you hit that button and signature fields will remain greyed out.


  • Along the top, you'll find indicators that show the progress of the Review, Sign, and Notarization (if applicable) processes.


  • All the documents that need to be signed are in the column on the right.


Certain closing packages will require you to validate your identity before you can sign. Click here for additional instructions.




 eSign screen





Before you start signing, you'll need to choose your signature.


You have the option to choose from one of several pre-formed signatures. You can also draw your signature, or upload an image of it.


Regardless of what option you choose, you must check the box authorizing the use of an electronic signature and then hit Select.



 Select Your Signature





There are three options for ClickSign®:


  • Click the pen icon.


  • Click on the Sign box on the signature line.


  • Click on the green Sign button at the bottom of the screen - this will automatically advance to the next task each time.



 3 options to sign





You may be required to click a check box before signing certain documents - denoted by a purple checkbox icon. In these circumstances, you cannot proceed unless this box is checked.


 Required checkmarks





The countdown feature, located at the top right of the screen, let's you know how many signatures remain.


You can also check the sign status of each document through the column on the right side.


  • A green check mark indicates that a document has been signed and completed.


  • An eyeball indicates that a signature is not required - the document is only meant to be viewed.


  • A stamp icon indicates that a document needs to be notarized.








Several indicators will tell you when the e-signing process has been completed:


  • "All documents signed" will appear at the bottom of the page.


  • A purple "Completed" flag will appear at the top of the page.


  • There will be green checkmarks next to every document name on the side (or eyeballs - indicating that some documents don't need to be signed)


Click Done in the top right.



 eSign done





You'll get this pop-up that allows you to download the completed documents.


 Screenshot of "You're all done!"







How do multiple borrowers sign?Each borrower will go through the signing experience one at a time. You can use the same computer if you like, but you must have a working camera and microphone.
Can multiple borrowers use the same email?Yes, because they are identified by their Social Security number when logging in.
What if I see something that I dislike and wish to back out?Click on your name in the top right of the signing window, then 'Withdraw Consent." You will need to alert your lender if this happens.
I keep running into technical issues. What should I do?Before you submit a ticket, try clearing your browser cache or running the experience in an incognito window. Issues can also be caused by slow or unstable internet, VPN's, antivirus software, or browser extensions.
What do I do with documents that must be printed and ink signed?Contact your title agent, they will guide you through that process.
What happens if I fail KBA twice?You will need to try again after a 24 hour grace period. The Notary will reschedule for that time.
What happens if I get the "Application Issue Encountered" Error?Just click "Okay", most times it will allow you to proceed.
How do I know when I'm done signing?There will be a "Done" button where the "Start Signing" button was. Click there and you'll be done.
Can I get a copy of the signed documents?Yes, after you click "Done", you'll have the opportunity to download them.